E-MOTIONS is a collection based on modern day expressions in the form of emoticons.

  • Necklace
    Crafted of 18k yellow gold and rubies and appended to an 18k yellow gold chain.
    R: 1.7ct.
  • Earrings
    Composed of 18k yellow gold, this pair of earrings is set with pave white diamonds.
    Di: .45 ct
  • Ring
    This ring is composed of 18k rose gold and set with hot pink and blue sapphires.
    PS: 4.10 ct BS: 1.94ct
  • Hairpins
    This set of hairpins is crafted of 18k yellow gold and rubies.
    R: .30ct
  • Necklace
    Fashioned from 18k yellow gold, this reversible pendant is set with white diamonds, aquamarines and black enamel and appended to an 18k yellow gold chain.
    Di: .15ct AQ: .75ct.
  • Multi-Colored Heart Bracelet
    This bracelet is composed of 18k yellow gold and set with yellow, blue and pink heart-shaped Sapphires and purple heart-shaped Amethyst as well as green heart-shaped Peridot
    YS: .90ct BS: 1.20ct PS: 1.20ct AM: .90ct PE: .80ct
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Kristen Noel Crawley is an American designer whose appreciation for fine jewelry paved the way for her own creations. A self-taught designer, Kristen credits her international travels as a source of inspiration, specifically honing in on the contrasting natures of her two favorite destinations: Paris and Tokyo. Driven by perfectionism, Kristen spent over a year conceptualizing her debut collection for KDIA™, ensuring that no detail was overlooked. The result is a playful and chic line infused with pop-culture, but with a classic quality at its core consisting of fine diamonds, rubies, and sapphires atop of precious metals. E-MOTIONS, the inaugural collection of KDIA™, is based on modern day expressions in the form of emoticons. Kristen curated her favorite emoticons and transformed them into wearable luxury works of art. Each piece of jewelry is handcrafted in Los Angeles, California by expert artisans using only the finest quality materials and an unmatched attention to detail.

For private orders email sales@ilovekdia.com
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